What to do with Old Nursing Scrubs

Believe it or not, old nursing scrubs can serve many purposes.  Workers in the medical profession wear their scrubs everyday, eventually causing them to wear out. After purchasing new scrubs from a scrub uniform company, most people choose to just throw away the old ones in order to save space in their closets and drawers. It is important to know that old scrubs have many uses, and by saving and reusing your old scrubs you are being helpful to planet. Some different ways that you can utilize your old scrubs are painting clothes, comfortable pajamas, pillows, Halloween costumes, and kids dress up.

Old clothes that have been worn out are great for the weekends when you feel like conducting a diy project like painting the trim on a house. Paint splatters ruin clothes so make use of your old scrubs in the projects where getting dirty is inevitable. Old scrubs make great lounging clothes and pajamas. The more worn out they are, the softer they become. Wear a pair of scrub pants with a long sleeve comfortable t-shirt  or a top with a pair of shorts for sleepwear or even work out clothes. Old scrubs are great to use when exercising or running.

You can create throw pillows with old scrub tops by cutting straight across and sewing the neck and bottom. Leaving a small opening to stuff in the polyfil batting, sew up the opening and add any design or sew on applicants. You can also use old scrubs as tote bags for shopping by cutting the tops to resemble a tank cutting out the sleeves and creating a v shape at the neckline). Sew the bottom up and use straps as the handle. Kids and adults can use old nursing scrubs as Halloween costumes. Use accessories to dress up like a zombie nurse or accident victim. Kids will especially enjoy old scrubs to play dress up as doctors or nurses.

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  1. What to do with Old Nursing Scrubs

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